Married People Night Out

MarriedPeople Night Out

Saturday, February 15th

Doors open at 5:00pm for childcare drop off, pre-show games & photo ops

Event starts at 5:30pm

Cost is $15 a couple

Childcare with dinner is provided by reservation only for $5 a child with a $10 family max. 

Marriage has enough questions. Get clear—because clarity leads to connection. 


This year’s one-night event will feature a fancy Italian dinner from some of the greatest cooks in Gray, lots of give aways, two photo booths, fun games, cheap childcare, and an engaging speaker in Todd Graham, Family Pastor at West Cobb Church. 

Guys, this is a win-win for you: A cheap date that your wife will love right before Valentines Day but where you will not be beat up. We promise. 

So, you may be wondering who is this for? Is it for newly married, couples with kids, couples without kids, couples in crisis? This event is for everyone who is married, that’s who it’s for. 

Click here to register by February 9th.