Night Out

Saturday, June 10 @ 5:30pm (doors open at 5)

Cost is $5 per person

Childcare is available for $5 for one child with a $10 family maximum

Spots are limited so click here to register today. 

So what is MarriedPeople Night Out?
Simply a way to help you become your best us. It’s a one-night event with a camping theme that is going to be a lot of fun, even fun enough to even invite your friends and neighbors to. No. Seriously. We will have childcare, games, great food, give aways, photo booths, and a hilarious speaker, Ted Lowe. 

And guys we promise we are not going to beat you up, promise.

And finally, while everybody’s US is unique, we are going to look at one thing that is powerful for every marriage.

So, you may be wondering who is this for? Is it for newly marrieds, couples with kids, couples without kids, couples in crisis? This event is everyone who is married, that’s who it’s for. Can’t wait to see you there.